Organic Topical Group 2021 Fall Symposium


Award recipient: Professor Stephen L. Buchwald

Professor Buchwald will be recognized “for his pioneering work in catalysis, notably the development of palladium catalysts to form carbon-heteroatom and carbon-carbon bonds”.

Date: Thursday, November 18, 2021

Times: 9:00 AM3:30 PM

Venue: Online using Zoom

Cost:  This virtual symposium is free

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Stephen Buchwald

Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald (MIT) – Award Winner

Keynote: “Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions for the Functionalization of Molecules Big and Small”

Jingjun Yin

Dr. Jingjun Yin (Executive Director, Merck PR&D)

“Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions for the Functionalization of Molecules Big and Small”

Tianning Diao

Prof. Tianning Diao (NYU)

“Nickel-Mediated Radical Pathways and Applications in C-Glycosylation”

David MacMillan

Prof. David MacMillan (Princeton University)

“New Reactions of Value to Chemists and Biologists”

Seble Wagaw

Dr Seble Wagaw (Senior Director, AbbVie PR&D)

“The Development of Enabling Chemical Technologies for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing”

Marisa Kozlowski

Prof. Marisa Kozlowski (University of Pennsylvania)

“Oxygen Driven Processes to Construct Molecules and to Recycle Polymeric Organic Materials”



Poster Session

There will also be a poster session featuring local students and postdocs from UPenn, Rutgers, Stockton, Princeton, William Paterson, Seton Hall, NYU, Columbia, Lafayette and NJIT.

Organizing Committee

    • Sue Zultanski (Chair, Merck) [ email ]
    • Yalan Xing (Chair Elect, Wm. Paterson Univ.) [ email ]
    • Michael Smith (Treasurer, BMS) [ email ]
    • Joseph Badillo (Secretary, Seton Hall Univ.) [ email ]
    • Chunrui Sun (Merck) [ email ]
    • Saurin Raval (BMS) [ email ]
    • Leslie Trigoura (Student Member, Wm. Paterson Univ.) [ email ]
    • Usha Kalra (Student Member, Seton Hall Univ.) [ email ]
    • Mary Chioma Okorie (Student Member, Seton Hall Univ.) [ email ]