Benefits of ACS Membership with the NJ Section

Join the ACS and the North Jersey Section by following the instructions at the ACS website [ ACS Membership ] and specifying “North Jersey” as your local section. As an ACS member, you will receive:

  • Your subscription to the Indicator with its monthly coverage of NJ and NYC events and news
  • Your subscription to Chemical & Engineering News with its weekly coverage of the science, business, and technology of the chemical world and of ACS activities
  • Reduced subscription rates for ACS publications
  • Savings on registration fees for ACS meetings
  • Opportunities to keep current in your specialty and to meet with colleagues in your field of chemistry as a member of any of the 34 ACS divisions
  • Opportunities to network with your peers through participation in one of the 189 ACS local sections
  • Reduced registration fees for ACS short courses and access to additional continuing education programs
  • Exclusive employment assistance and career guidance services
  • Competitive group rates on various insurance plans and the opportunity to help secure your financial future with supplemental retirement plans

Please fill out and submit the ACS Membership Application Form at this page of the ACS website [ ACS Membership ] and specify “North Jersey” as your local section.

North Jersey By-Laws Changed

The North Jersey Section has revised its bylaws. This was necessitated as a result of changes in the National ACS documents as well as changes in the Section’s activities since the last revision approximately 30 years ago. The complete By-Laws are viewable here or if you would prefer a hard copy, please contact the Section Secretary, Bettyann Howson, at (973)822-2575.

Group & Committee Financial Reporting

To: All groups in the North Jersey Section of ACS

In order to ensure that the financial records of the North Jersey Section ACS are kept in order, the Executive Committee requests that all units submit their summary finance data two times per year (as of July 31 and December 31). This will help us to do a better job at budget time in October/November plus ensuring us a better reporting of our funds to the IRS and National ACS.

Download the North Jersey Section Finance Report Form. All units (including those that fall under the North Jersey Section ACS umbrella) of the Section that spend any money during the year are requested to submit this form as of July 31 and December 31st.

The completed Finance Report Form is due to the Section’s Chair and Treasurer (see Officers), by regular mail, no later than the 15th of August and the 15th of January.

If you have any questions about the form or who should submit this data, please contact Treasurer Miriam Gulotta (