NJ-ACS Mass Spec Discussion Group

Note: There are three meetings this month: [ Oct 7 at CPSA
| Oct 9 at CPSA
| Oct 22 in NJ

The NJ Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group presents the

MSDG Organized Session at

CPSA 2013

Connecting Patients & Subject Numbers Through Analysis

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, Langhorne, PA

400 Oxford Valley Road, Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047

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Session Details

From Screen Hit to Bedside Medicine: How Can We Maximize the Efficiency?

Time:    12:00 – 4:30, Monday, October 7, 2013
Venue: University I Ballroom
Sponsor: Silicon Kinetics
Discussion Leaders: Ron Kong, PTC Therapeutics; Fangbiao Li, Merck

Talk 1:
Applying Nano Porous Silicon Technology to Affinity Kinetics and its Linkage to Mass Spectrometry
Keith Waddell, Silicon Kinetics

Talk 2:
Caught in a Bind: Antibodies for Current and Emerging Technologies
Gordon R. Whiteley, NIH

Talk 3:
Metabolomics in Drug Discovery: Lessons Learned and Path Forward
Petia Shipkova, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Talk 4:
Target-Specific Protein Quantitation by LC-MS/MS
Bob Xiong, Tandem Labs

Talk 5:
Thought on the Biomarker Pipeline
Randy Nelson, Arizona State University

Talk 6:
Error Proofing: Maximizing Productivity by Getting it Right the First Time
Lucinda Cohen, Merck