The YCC is excited to be taking part in this opportunity to reach out to children, teens, and adults alike to show that Science can be fun! This is the fourth consecutive year that the YCC will participate in this event and we hope to help make it even bigger and better than the last. This year’s theme is “Nanotechnology: the Smallest Big in Science”

If you are interested in joining the YCC Planning Committee or volunteering the day of the event (Liberty Science Center, October 20, 2012 from 10-2pm) please let us know by signing up or at our YCC Google Group

Volunteers are asked to donate 2 hours of their time (10am-noon or noon-2pm) and in exchange are invited to spend the rest of the day enjoying the Liberty Science Center free of charge.

In 2011, National Chemistry Week attendees (and volunteers!) were delighted with activities such as Glitter Slime, Sweet Measurements, Paper Cover-up, and Sniffing out good taste. Help us make 2012 even more memorable!

  • Glitter Slime: Demonstrates the Importance of Mucus to the human immune system
  • Sweet Measurements: Demonstrates the Importance of Nutrition: Visual Representation of how much sugar is in common food products
  • Paper Cover-up: Demonstrates how wax protects your food and other surfaces from water, etc.
  • Sniffing out good taste: Demonstrates the importance of sense of smell when eating and how it affects taste of food
  • Vacuum Packing People: Demonstrates the removal of oxygen from food extending the storage quality of preserved foods.
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