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The NJ Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group is pleased to announce our April 12, 2022 Meeting — Online!

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[raw] Date:…..Tuesday April 12, 2022

Time:…..7:00 PM | (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)



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[raw] Hanno SteenSpeaker 1: Hanno Steen, PhD, Director of Proteomics and Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

“Scaling up while scaling down – Sample-sparing High Throughput Proteomics”


Abstract:  Since its inception, proteomics was poised to revolutionize clinical diagnostics by providing novel biomarkers. Currently, however, proteomics has not met its own expectations particularly because large population sizes are required for meaningful biomarkers that can account for genetic, environmental and lifestyle variance. A main bottleneck has been the suboptimal throughput. Enabling throughput will allow the robust processing and analysis of statistically meaningful samples numbers, i.e., hundreds to thousands of samples within a reasonable timeframe. Our recent, involvement in several NIAID immunophenotyping studies focused on understanding COVID-19 impact on the immune system, the efficacy of vaccination, and ontogeny in early life with thousands of plasma samples, highlighted the importance of increasing throughput in collecting high quality data while simultaneously decreasing the amount of required starting material. The Steen Lab has developed a high throughput proteomics platform that allows for the robust processing and analysis of such large numbers of plasma samples. These efforts leveraged the methodology and experience of the Steen Lab to process and analyze hundreds of urine samples with the aim of identifying non-invasive biomarker candidates. The presentation will describe method development from the Steen Lab towards i) high throughput proteomics, ii) improved depth of the plasma proteome, and iii) meta-analyses converting many small studies and datasets into a large dataset with statistical relevance. Our platform which incorporates these approaches will enable the analysis of small volumes of large sample numbers which will bring allow us to understand deviations from normal despite natural interpersonal variability, i.e., truly personalized medicine.

Matt WilletSpeaker 2: Matt Willets, US Proteomics Applications Manager, Bruker


Ultra-sensitive 4D Proteomics on the timsTOF SCP mass spectrometer


Abstract:  The timsTOF SCP is the first commercially introduced mass spectrometer for single cell proteomics. The modified front end (orthogonal ion guide) and the brighter ion beam increase the ion transfer up to five times while maintaining instrument high robustness. In this presentation, we will show how the ultra-high sensitivity of the timsTOF Pro can benefit workflows from immunopeptidomics to single cell analysis

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NJ-ACS Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group Virtual Meeting

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

7:00 pm | Eastern Time | 1 hr 15 mins


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