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The NJ Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group is pleased to announce our August 11, 2021 Meeting — Online!

NJ MSDG is the second largest mass spectrometry professional association in the nation behind ASMS, with over 1,100 members in the tristate area. [ homepage ]

[raw] Date:…..Wednesday August 11, 2021

Time:…..7:00 – 8:15 PM



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Speaker 1: Dr. Andrew Wagner

PhD, Principal Scientist Small Molecule Drug Discovery at Bristol Myers Squibb


“Breaking Throughput Barriers of Mass Spectrometry (MS)-Based Analysis Using Acoustic Ejection Sample Delivery: Impacts in Early Drug Discovery and Beyond”


Abstract:  Label-free, MS-based analysis is routinely used throughout drug discovery to help drive important decision-making and enable lead discovery, hit triaging and lead optimization. MS-based methodologies have traditionally relied upon liquid chromatography (LC) or on-line solid phase extraction (SPE) as front-end sample clean-up mechanisms. These approaches have slow cycle times (> 10 seconds/sample) that often aren’t amenable to high throughput screening assays conducted in 384- or 1536-well plates. Acoustic ejection mass spectrometry is a recently developed high-throughput MS approach that combines acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) with an open-port interface (OPI) to enable direct sample introduction from plates into the mass spectrometer for analysis. Using the acoustic ejection mass spectrometer system, we have demonstrated analytical throughput speeds as fast as 1 second-per-sample for multiple screening assays. This remarkable improvement in MS cycle time, approaching that of optical plate readers, has resulted in increased capacity and faster turn-around-time for reading many critical early drug discovery studies such as liability assessment and activity-based screens, and has the potential to impact many other areas within drug discovery.

Speaker 2: Dr. Jose Castro-Perez

Senior Director Accurate Mass Product Management at SCIEX


New novel developments in high resolution mass spectrometry to address lower levels of detection and improved characterization of analytes


Abstract:  High resolution mass spectrometry has continued to grow as new application areas are constantly emerging. Here, we will present and discuss new developments which addresses both sensitivity and structural characterization needs for a variety of application areas for both small and large molecules in Life Sciences Multi-Omics and also in Drug Discovery..

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NJACS MSDG invites you

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NJ-ACS Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group Virtual Meeting

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

7:00 pm | Eastern Time | 1 hr 15 mins


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