North Jersey 2016 Awards & Recognition Dinner

Join us as we honor our volunteers and honor students.


The Mansion at Fairleigh Dickinson University
285 Madison Avenue, Madison, NJ  07940


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

4:30 Lenfell Hall Cocktail Hour
5:30 Lenfell Hall Dinner & Presentation of Awards & Certificates

For venue information, maps, directions, see: [ FDU ]

Cost: $35 payable at the door

Registration: [ below ]

Questions: Call (973) 822-2575 or e-mail

Congratulations and a special thank you are in order to the members of the North Jersey Section who have reached 50 and 60 years of service

50 Years of Service

  • Dr. Alan W. Bushell
  • Dr. Brian William Bussey
  • Mr. Walton Bernard Caldwell
  • Dr. Vilas Madhavrav Chopdekar
  • Dr. Conrad Cone
  • Dr. John Leo Considine
  • Dr. Richard Charles Effland
  • Dr. Robert Wheeler Egan
  • Dr. Eric Howard Erenrich
  • Dr. Anthony J. Fanelli
  • Dr. Bernice Ida Feuer
  • Mr. Lawrence Andrew Filachek
  • Dr. Joseph Howard Finley
  • Dr. David Stanley Frank
  • Mr. Theodore James Heiart, Jr.
  • Dr. George F. Heinrich
  • Dr. William C. Hope
  • Dr. Rudolph John Jaeger
  • Dr. Michael Jaffe
  • Dr. R. Craig Kammerer
  • Dr. Ramesh Maganlal Kanojia
  • Mr. Stanley Joseph Kolis
  • Dr. John Robert Krenos
  • Dr. Tung Ching Lee
  • Mr. Robert J. McDevitt
  • Mr. David B. Merdler
  • Dr. John James Merianos
  • Dr. Ernest Ulrich Monse
  • Mr. Agostino Vincent Perrotta
  • Mr. Srinivasa Raghavendr Rao
  • Dr. Ernest W. Robb
  • Dr. John Rollino
  • Dr. Nicholas M. Scarpa
  • Mr. William Lewis Schreiber
  • Dr. Frank David Starkey
  • Dr. Shin Shyong Tseng
  • Mr. Richard L. Vaughan
  • Dr. Peter C. Wade
  • Dr. Larry Ralph Wantland

60 Years of Service

  • Dr. David A. Andrews
  • Ms. Dorothy I. Eska
  • Dr. Robert Fredericks
  • Mr. G. Eugene Gottlieb
  • Dr. Dorit L. Noether
  • Dr. Yutaka Okinaka
  • Dr. Murray Robbins
  • Dr. Frank Scotti
  • Mr. Harry Silla
  • Dr. Herbert Samuel Skovronek
  • Mr. George E. Spaulding Jr.
  • Mr. Martin H. Stein
  • Dr. Richard F. Stockel
  • Mr. Gerald Sugerman
  • Mr. Max J. Wisotsky
  • Dr. Arthur J. Yu