Friday, October 26, 2007

Palace at Somerset Park, 333 Davidson Ave, Somerset, NJ 08873

Invited Speakers

  • “Discovery of Alimta, a Broadly Effective New Antitumor Agent”
    Edward C. Taylor (Princeton University)
  • “SAHA (Vorinostat): The First Anticancer HDAC Inhibitor Approved for Human Use”
    Ronald Breslow (Columbia University)
  • “Didanosine (ddI): A Member of the Versatile 2′,3′-Dideoxy Family of Biomedicinal Nucleoside Analogues”
    Morris J. Robins (Brigham Young University)
  • “Basic Science to the Market. The Discovery of Lyrica®”
    Richard B. Silverman (Northwestern University)
  • “The Discovery of 3TC and FTC”
    Dennis C. Liotta (Emory Uinversity)