OTG 2014 Award Symposium

2014 Award Recipient – Professor David MacMillan


Professor MacMillan will be recognized “for his pioneering work in the field of enantioselective catalysis, new reaction methodology and natural product synthesis”.

Venue: West Auditorium Robert Wood Johnson Medical School 675 Hoes Lane West-Piscataway, NJ [ Directions ]

park In Lots 54, 54A 58 & 58A without permits

Date:     Friday, December 5, 2014

Times:  12:00 PM – Registration

12:30 PM – Symposium

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Student Poster Session-complimentary admission for presenters [ call for abstracts ]. Deadline extended to Dec. 1st
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  • Prof. Stephen Buchwald (MIT)
  • Prof. Paul Reider (Princeton Univ)
  • Prof. Rob Knowles (Princeton Univ)
  • Prof. Gary Molander (U. Penn)
  • Prof. David MacMillan (Princeton Univ)




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Welcome Address: Dr. Ron Kong, Symposium Chair

12:40–1:30 Prof. Gary A. Molander  (U. Penn)

Novel Mechanistic Paradigm for Organoboron Cross-Coupling

1:30–2:20 Prof. Paul Reider (Princeton U.)

Chemistry in Service to Society: 35 Years of Success and Failure Bringing New Medicines to the Patients Who Need Them 

2:20–3:10 Prof. Rob Knowles (Princeton U.)

Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Organic Synthesis and Asymmetric Catalysis


Break / Refreshments

3:40–4:30 Prof. Stephen Buchwald (MIT)

Metal-Catalyzed Transformations in Organic Chemistry


Award Presentation: Dr. Monica Sekharan, NJ-ACS Chair

4:40–5:30 Keynote: Prof. David MacMillan (Princeton U.)

Photoredox Catalysis: New Reactions of Value to Medicinal and Process Chemistry


Closing remarks: Dr. Les McQuire, NJACS Awards Chair


Retrospective of the 2014 Symposium

TDavid MacMillanhe 2014 Award for Creativity in Molecular Design and Synthesis was presented to Professor David MacMillan, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Chair and Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University, at a symposium held at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ on December 6th.  More than 130 industrial chemists, students, and faculty from North Jersey and surrounding sections attended.  Dr. MacMillan was recognized for his “initiative, creativity, leadership, and perseverance in pure and/or applied chemistry.”

In his keynote address, Professor MacMillan described his lab’s cutting-edge research on photoredox catalysis to organic synthesis.  Its implementation has led to the discovery of a myriad of individual reactions. Other speakers included Stephen Buchwald, Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, whose research combines elements of organic chemistry, organic synthesis, and organometallic chemistry to devise catalytic processes;  Rob Knowles, Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University, whose research focuses on synthetic applications of proton-coupled electron transfer (PCET) reactions; Gary A. Molander, Hirschman Makineni Professor and Chair at the University of Pennsylvania, whose research interests are in the development of new synthetic methods for organic synthesis; and, Paul J. Reider, Teaching Professor at Princeton University, where his research is focused on new drugs for Malaria, TB and other neglected diseases.

Dr. Ronald Kong,  Award Chair and Chair-elect of the North Jersey Section, welcomed the guests and described the award.  Dr. Monica Sekharan, Section Chair presented the award plaque and honorarium to Professor MacMillan.  Dr. Les McQuire, NJ-ACS Awards Chair gave the closing remarks and invited attendees to send him names of NJACS members who deserve recognition for their scientific accomplishments and volunteerism.

Awardees are acknowledged for their broad impact in the areas of chemical synthesis, method development, bioorganic/medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, and/or molecular recognition.  Visit the North Jersey Section’s website, www.njacs.org, for more details.

NJACS is grateful to the sponsors of this event – Merck, WuXi AppTec, Agilent Technologies, and Rutgers University.



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