P Jane Gale

The NJ Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group is pleased to announce our May 16, 2023, Meeting.

NJ MSDG is the second largest mass spectrometry professional association in the nation behind ASMS, with over 1,100 members in the tristate area. [ homepage ]

Date:    Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Venue:   Somerville Elks Lodge 1068

     375 Union Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

     (908) 707-1545

Sponsor: Sciex


Please   register here.   It’s free, including dinner, but registration is required.

Masks or no masks are respected and welcomed.


5:30 PM    Social and Registration
6:15 PM    Complimentary Dinner
6:55 PM    Welcome and Opening Remarks
7:05 PM    Speakers

Eric Chan

Speaker 1: Eric Chan, PhD, Associate Director, Proteomics, HotSpot Therapeutics, Inc.
“Chemoproteomic workflow for target identification of small molecule allosteric inhibitors”

Abstract:  HotSpot Therapeutics, Inc. is pioneering the discovery and development of a new class of allosteric drugs that target certain naturally occurring pockets on proteins called “natural hotspots”. These pockets are decisive in controlling a protein’s cellular function, and we believe they have significant potential for new drug discovery by enabling the systematic design of potent and selective small molecules with novel pharmacology.

We present our implementation of microflow LC, Q-TOF-MS and Zeno MS/MS for routine intact protein analysis, label-free PTM characterization, and isobaric tag-based proteomic profiling. To maximize throughput and to minimize downtime, all protein and proteomic workflows are carried out on the same trap-elute LC system and with a single ionization source. LC-MS complements our suite of biophysical, biochemical and modeling tools for the in vitro characterization of protein-ligand binding. Furthermore, when coupled with structure-based design of chemical probes, microflow LC and Zeno-MS/MS enabled the characterization of target engagement in live cells with performance comparable to nanoLC-MS3 and produced physiologically relevant information that expedited hit-to-lead progression in our drug discovery efforts.

David Colquhoun

Speaker 2: David Colquhoun, PhD, Market Development Manager
“Novel approaches to pharmacoproteomics analysis: higher throughput and deeper characterization”

Abstract:  Proteomics analysis in drug discovery and development requires a considerably different approach compared to classical discovery approaches. This technique demands high throughput measurement of hundreds or thousands of samples, high inter-instrument and quantitative reproducibility and site-specific characterization of post-translational modifications. This presentation will illustrate approaches to deepen proteome coverage in shorter run times and increase quantitative robustness. We will discuss methods for identifying site specific modifications, novel PTMs and the technology that underpins these advancements.