From Sniff to Sip: A Sensory Adventure into the Fragrance of Wine


The North Jersey Women’s Chemists Committee (NJWCC) in conjunction with the North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society (NJACS) hosted the first installment of its new Women’s Entrepreneur Series. [ details ]

From Sniff to Sip: A Sensory Adventure into the Fragrance of Wine was held on December 12th 2018 at Vibe in Riverdale Square Mall. The all-inclusive event held 50 attendees from a variety of backgrounds such as the ACS, Eastern Analytical Society (EAS), Women’s Flavor and Fragrance Committee (WFFC), and Society for Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) as well as non-scientists and their families with backgrounds in acting, firefighting, nursing and web design to name a few. The crowds’ diversity allowed for some very fun and lively discussions on the wines, the fragrances and what memories and feelings they invoked.

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Our two speakers, Kelly Jones and Heidi Bonwell, traded off stories and colorful tips about wine and fragrance throughout the event where guests were able to sniff Kelly’s amazing wine fragrances while sipping some of Heidi’s expertly selected wines.  The scents and wines complimented each other and brought out the best in each for a unique sensory experience for all of the guests.

Scent sommelier Kelly Jones, the founder of Kelly+Jones, gave a unique perspective on wine took away the stuffiness for wine beginners while taking the game up a notch for the experienced wine connoisseur. Kelly shared her passion for fragrance, how it got her kicked out of a wine tasting room and inspired her to start her own company. Kelly showed our guests how to get the most out of a fragrance, how to use the instruments of the trade and what inspired her unique fragrances. Kelly + Jones is a boutique fragrance brand featuring olfactive experiences inspired by the vineyard and beyond. Kelly has been featured in Food and Wine, Wine Enthusiast and on The Today Show.

Heidi Bonwell is the Regional Manager Tomasello Winery Tomasello Winery. Heidi’s passion for wine began in 1990 as an exchange student in Australia. She started growing her palate and knowledge base while living in Benalla, Victoria, where she was able to visit many of the wineries in the state. Heidi is certified with distinction as a Wine & Spirits Education Trust, Level 2 (WSET 2) expert and is regional manager at Tomesello Winery. Heidi shared her passion for wine, how she turned it into a rewarding career and some tricks of the trade on all things wine- starting with to how to get the most out of that first sip, what is the best temperature to bring out the best flavor and how to properly store left overs.

A few comments from our attendees:

“Attending the event was insightful and captivating. The wine representative explained in detail each wine sample and food items that could accompany both the whites and the reds. Furthermore, having the sniff and sip was very informative for beginner wine drinkers. For example I did not know you were not supposed to wear perfume to a wine tasting. I never thought that the smell of my perfume could influence the taste of wine.”  L. Gillespie

“I know very little about wine and was not sure what to expect at the event.  I was very pleasantly surprised by all the things I learned about wine and the creation of different fragrances. Both presenters were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their areas of expertise.  The beautifully decorated venue also added to the entire experience.”  L. Sofia

“The very creative topic is what attracted me to attend the event. When I entered the venue on the evening of the Sniff and Sip event I was highly satisfied by the open space to mingle with the other attendees as well as the speakers and the committee members. I was also very impressed by the way the space was used and how beautiful the tables and bar area looked; it very much matched the theme of the night. Everyone was very friendly and seemed like-minded as we were all open to learning. I really learned so much more than just about fragrances and wine; lots of tidbits of information from the presenters and the questions asked by the attendees. I was especially grateful when Lauren taught us all how to properly use a fragrance blotter. It all exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait for the next event!”  R. Adwar

A special thank you to our sponsors . . .

. . . and to the people that donated to Tackle Kids Cancer and helped us to raise over $150 for the cause  The Children’s Cancer Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center started an initiative to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer patients called Tackle Kids Cancer.

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