The North Jersey ACS NMR Topical Group is pleased to presents its March meeting at Rutgers, Wednesday, March 7, 2018  [ register ]
 Postponed to Mar 14 due to weather 

Featured Presentation

Andrew Nieuwkoop, PhD

Assistant Professor, Rutgers Univ. Dept. of Chem. & Chemical Biology

“Using Very Fast Spinning and Proton Detection to Solve Protein Structures with Solid-State NMR”


Solid state NMR of biological systems is a rapidly expanding field that is tightly connected with improvements in hardware. The advantage of ssNMR as a technique is in its ability to address the structures of insoluble, noncrystalagraphic systems at atomic resolution. This is possible because of magic angle spinning, which averages anisotropic interactions leaving behind the sharp isotropic signals seen in solution NMR. In the last decade, the maximum MAS rates have increased first from 20 to 40 kHz, then to 60 kHz and very recently to 100+ kHz. As a result, new techniques have become available, one of which is proton detection. I’ll discuss my work using proton detected ssNMR on membrane proteins in lipid bilayers. This will include optimization of pulse sequences and sample preparation, as well as computational improvements to aid in structure determination.


6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Seminar

Dinner Cost:

$15 employed / $5 students, postdoc, retired, unemployed. No charge for seminar only.

Meeting Venue

CABM (Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine)
Room 010
Rutgers, 679 Hoes Lane West
Piscataway, NJ 08854 [ directions ]

Parking: Parking will be available in the front of CABM (see map link given above under Directions)

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