Dear North Jersey Section Members,

Landon Greene

Thank you all for the opportunity to serve as the 2017 Chair of the North Jersey Section of the ACS. I am honored to have the luxury of leading forward a very successful and impactful section. I would like to thank all our leaders, volunteers, members and community for what they have done to make this section great. I am confident, with such a strong program, we can improve upon this success in 2017.

Our section continues to have the vision to “…improve peopleʼs lives through the transforming power of science.” As your Chair, I support this vision and believe it is my duty to empower our section to do so. My top priority this year will be to engage our members and community to help empower them in their scientific pursuits, to fulfill our vision.

My focus this year will be around the following strategic goals:

  • Engage our members to understand and support their interests in ACS. Foster their career and professional development.
  • Improve the sustainability of our section through actively recruiting future leaders and improving communication.
  • Promote the public recognition and appreciation of chemists and chemistry by supporting educational and community outreach programs.
  • Increase section membership by enhancing our programs and supporting the interests of our constituents.

These goals align with the strategic plan for ACS and the North Jersey Section. These goals will be achieved by implementing several new initiatives and enhancing those already in place. Most importantly, these goals will strengthen our events. Events this year include (but are not limited to):

  • Professional activities: Topical groupsʼ seminars/symposia, Baekeland Award Symposium,
    Careers in Transition meetings
  • Educational programs: National Chemistry Week at the Liberty Science Center, Chemistry
    Olympiad, Earth Day activities
  • Community outreach: Project SEED, street fairs, Community Nights at the Liberty Science

For more events and information please visit us at and follow us on Facebook.

This year, I look forward to communicating with all of you and I encourage you to be involved in some of our events. Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions at

Landon Greene, PhD
2017 Chair, North Jersey Section ACS

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