My Fellow Members of the ACS,

Greetings! I am excited to begin my term as chair of the North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society and I thank you for your support. During the last several years I have discovered the seven wonders of the North Jersey Section and I would like to share them with you.

Our first wonder is our volunteers who generously donate their time and talent. They mentor our Project SEED students and judge the poster contest. This year’s SEED meeting will be held at Seton Hall University on September 24th. Our members volunteer to judge at the New Jersey Science Fair. They have helped prepare students to compete in the International Chemistry Olympiad. During National Chemistry Week our volunteers share the excitement of chemistry with the general public by presenting hands-on activities. This year we have two big events scheduled to celebrate “The Many Faces of Chemistry.” The first event is scheduled at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison on October 21st. The second celebration will take place at Liberty Science Center on October 27th.

The theme for NCW brings me to the next two wonders of our section — multidisciplinarity and collaboration. The North Jersey Section has many active Topical Groups who have planned innovative programs. The Small Chemical Business Group meets on the third Thursday of every month. Along with their regular monthly meetings, the Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Groups are planning a joint meeting for November. The Organic Topical Group provides excellent symposia for its members. Drug Metabolism is planning meetings for April, June, and October. The NMR Group meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Woodbridge Hilton. The Minority Affairs Group and the Metro Women Chemists are planning joint meetings with our Student Affiliates. We are planning a Career Day for High School Students with the Teacher Affiliates Group and we hope to reactivate the Younger Chemists Committee. The Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award Symposium and Presentation is also scheduled for this year.

The fourth and fifth wonders of our section are communication and networking. Read about all of the exciting events going on in our section in the Indicator and at our web site ( Publicize all the great things that are happening in your group. Participate in the NJACS Blog. Attend our meetings. Send me your innovative ideas and suggestions for improving the way we do things.

Service is our sixth wonder. Our Careers in Transition Group meets on the first Thursday of each month at FDU in Madison. Our Legislative Action Network is alive and well. If you are not already a member, why not join? Help us keep our legislators informed about the importance of chemistry to our state and nation. We are planning a Legislative Activity Day when we will visit with our local and national legislators. Join us.

The section’s seventh wonder is synergy. Because of the enthusiasm, energy, and professionalism of our members our section has been a leader in the American Chemical Society. I look forward to meeting you this year at the wonderful events sponsored by the North Jersey Section.

Diane Krone
2007 Chair
ACS-North Jersey Section

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