Senior Chemists Committee

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The role of the NJACS Senior Chemists Committee is to promote the interests of its silver circle members. A “silver” member is one who has valuable experience and knowledge, whether or not that person is retired.
Senior Chemists Newsletter

Long-Term Members of the Section

The North Jersey section honors its 50-year, 60-year and 70-year members!

The Mission of the SCC:

  • To share with ACS members of all ages a rich variety of personal experiences and expertise gained over many years of professional service.
  • To foster interest and participation in the science of chemistry through community outreach, especially in grades K-12.
  • To act as science advisers/ambassadors for the purpose of cultural exchange at home and abroad.
  • To provide senior ACS members with challenging, diverse, and enjoyable professional experiences that enable them to contribute to the cultural experiences of their communities.
  • To recommend policies that address issues of interest to senior chemists.

Silver Circle Activities:

  • Science café discussions of science
  • Community outreach during Earth Day Events, National Chemistry Week, etc.
  • Mentoring young chemists and acting as a resource for local teachers
  • Presenting or participating in career forums
  • Social activities, such as picnics, breakfasts, pot lucks, etc.
  • Field trips and tours

So What Can You Do?

If you are a Senior Chemist, then we need your feedback. What events do you want to see? How can we help you? We are here to serve you, so please send us your comments and suggestions.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the NJACS Senior Chemists Committee Silver Circle group.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

SCC Leadership Team

  • Sue Fahrenholtz
  • Jeannette Brown