The role of the NJACS Younger Chemists Committee is to promote the interests of members under the age of 35 (or close to that age).It provides graduate students, post-doctoral chemists, and young professionals with the opportunity to interact with other chemists in the section, to help them better direct their careers, and to increase their involvement in the ACS.

We do it through organizing social events, volunteering, networking and mentor/mentee opportunities, talks, seminars, and generally having a bit of fun. Membership is free.Visit us on FacebookWe have been revamping and reinvigorating the club in the last few years and have a host of new and exciting activities planned for this year.

So What Can You Do?

If you are under 35 (or just think you are!!) we need your feedback. What events do you want to see? How can we help you? We are here to serve you, so please send us your comments and suggestions. Better still, get involved!

For more information about our group or upcoming events please please email us, join us on Twitter (@NJACSYCC), or check out the new National ACS YCC site:

Executive Committee

  • Mary Chiọma Okorie (Co-Chair)
  • Tiffany R. Olivera (Co-Chair)
  • Sandra Keyser (Councilor)
  • Lauren Castelli (NJACS Advisor)
  • Kholud Dardir (Member at Large)