North Jersey Section
American Chemical Society

NMR Topical Group — History

The mission of the NJ-ACS NMR Topical Group is to bring together scientists who use nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) as a research tool from academia and industry, students of NMR, as well as vendors of NMR-related products. It organizes monthly meetings that consist of a social hour, a buffet dinner, followed by a presentation by an invited speaker.

From time to time, the NMR Topical group may host scientific symposia on topics related to nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). These events serve as excellent venues for networking within the local scientific community. Also, through its activities, the NMR Topical group raises public awareness of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and its service to the scientific community.

The North Jersey section (NJ-ACS) of the American Chemical Society is a non-profit organization which qualifies for tax exempt status under section 501 (c)(3) of the internal revenue code.


Chairs: Luciano Mueller & Swapna Gurla
Speakers: Dr. Charalampos (Babis) Kalodimos (Rutgers University), Dr. Nate Traaseth (New York University), Dr. Janet Caceres-Cortes (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Dr. Patrick Wheeler (ACD/Labs), Dr. Tony Mittermaier (McGill University), Dr. William Marathias (Ageilent Technologies), Dr. James M. Aramini (Rutgers University), Dr. Gregory Kornhaber (Nexomics Biosciences), Dr. A. Joshua Wand (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Michael Summers (UMBC), Dr. Gerhard Wagner (Harvard University), Dr. Feng Luo (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Dr. David Wishart (University of Alberta), George Anastasi (Bruker-Biospin)


Chairs: Charles Pathirana & Luciano Mueller
Speakers: Ryan Sasaki, David Rovnyak, Thomas Williamson, Ron Crouch, Corey Morcombe, Anuji Abraham, Amy Freund, Roberto Gil
Symposium Speakers: Guy Montelione, Jim Prestegard, Gary Martin, Ad Bax


Chairs: Cindy Li & Charles Pathirana
Speakers: Edward Zartler, Stella Huang, Tatyana Polenova, Dan Barabino, Jeffrey Hoch, Chen Peng, Clemens Anklin, Ruth Stark


Chairs: Lazaros T. Kakalis & Cindy Li
Speakers: William Metzler, Luciano Mueller, Eve Tzeng, Greg Boutis, Michael Hodsdon, Dan Barabino, Christopher Jaroniec, Ranajeet Ghose, Amy Freund


Chairs: Don Drinkwater & Lazaros T. Kakalis
Speakers: Michael Reily, Lisa Vingara, David Russell, George Crull, Gonzalo Hernandez, Kimberly Colson


Chairs: Dr. Vikram Roongta & Dr. Don Drinkwater
Speakers: Keith Constantine, Kathleen Valentine, Dimitra Keramisanou, Damian Carrieri, Sébastien Poget, David Russell, Steve Cheatham, Amy Freund, Bruce Johnson, Don Emerson, Bob Albrecht.


Chairs: Dr. Wendy Feng & Dr. Vikram Roongta
Speakers: Janet Huang, Judit Losonczi, Yiannis Gelis, Justin Lorieau, Teodor Parella, Alexei Buevich, Gary Martin, Manfred Spraul, Thomas Szyperski, Phil Keyes, Fernando Commodari, John Edwards, Yingjie Li.


Chairs: Dr. Bill Marathias & Dr. Wendy Feng


Chairs: Dr. George Crull & Dr. Bill Marathias
Speakers: C.T. Tan, I. Green, Al Bach, Istvan Pelczer, F. Qui, Bruce Johnson, Philip Borer, Brent LeFebvre, Robert. Griffin, Igor Goljer, Lynne Batchelder, Kim Colson, George Crull , F. Rinaldi, Bill Marathias


Chairs: Dr. Gerald Stockton & Dr. Thomas Schuster
Scientific Counsel: Carlos Pacheco
Speakers: Hunter Moseley, Babis Kalodimos, Joshua Wand, Wofgang Richter, Arthur Palmer, & Dan Norwood, Sonia Menezes, John Shockcor, Purnima Khandelwal, Bill Marathias, Weidong Pan, & Istvan Pelczer.


Chairs: Nelly Aranibar & Thomas Williamson.
Speakers: Karl-Heinz Ott, Mari A Smith, Stephan G Zech, Lucio Frydman, Steve Casellino, Linda Lohr, Vasilios Marathias, Eric Munson, Dan Traficante, Thomas Williamson, Victoria Rafalovsky, Brent Lefebvre, Hunter Moseley, David Detlefsen


Chair: Nelly Aranibar & Carlos Pacheco
Speakers: George Crull, Istvan Pelczer, Jim Baleja, Brian Marquez, Wolfgang Richter, Gregory Leo & Steve Huhn.


Chair: Carlos Pacheco & N. R. Nirmala
Speakers: Daniel Wyss, John Shockor, R. Thomas Williamson, Krish Krishnamurthy, Tatyana Polenova, Jeffrey Peng, Junfeng Wang, Melissa Lin, Nico Tjandra, Thomas Szyperski, Jonathan Cohen, Daniel Barabino and Patricia Wilkinson,


Chairs: David Detlefsen & N. R. Nirmala
Speakers: Dr. Ravinder Reddy, Dr. Carlos Pacheco, Dr. Dean Olson, Dr. Phil Keyes, Dr. D. Traficante, Dr. Jasna Fejzo, Dr. Scott Smith


Chair: David Detlefsen
Speakers: John Cavanaugh, Jeff Penq, Ann McDermott, Jonathan Lee, and Walt Massefski.


Chair: István Pelczer & N. R. Nirmala
Speakers: Nico Tjandra, Michael Melchior, David Cowburn, Stefania Pfeiffer, Christian Bartels, Art Palmer, David Detlefsen


Chair: István Pelczer
Speakers: Warren Warren, Sandy Farmer, Philip Borer, Kurt Wüthrich, Guy Montelione, Susanta Sarkar, István Horváth, John Markley, Daniel Weitekamp


Chair: John O’Connell
Speakers: Frank Delaglio, Alex Pines, Luciano Mueller, David Wemmer, Stan Opella


Chair: Don Emerson, David Fry
Speakers: Guy Montelione, Jim Prestegard, Mitsuhiko Ikura, John Markley, Paul Ellis, Mike Summers, Gerhard Wagner, Stephen Grzesiek


Chair: Kathy Valentine, Andy Evans
Speakers: Rob Tycko, Laura Lerner, Jake Schaefer, Bill Metzler, 2D NMR Tutorial, 5th Poster Symposium, Niels Anderson, William Happer, Julie Forman-Kay, Ad Bax


Chair: Anita Brandolini
Speakers: Linda Jelicks, H. N. Cheng, Arthur Palmer, Thomas Apple, Graduate Students, Robert Powers, 2D NMR Tutorial


Chair: Ruth Stark
Speakers: Rafael Bruschweiler, Charles Dickinson, Angela Gronenborn, 4^th Poster Symposium, Lynn Jelinski, Ann McDermott, N. R. Nirmala, Bernard Bluminch


Chair: Kenneth Rose
Speakers: Christopher Roe, István Pelczer, Rovert Botto, Michael Melchior, 3^rd Poster Symposium, Mark McCoy, Stephen Fesik


Chair: Jim Roberts
Speakers: George Levy, Steve Smith, Seymour Koenig, 2^nd Poster Symposium, Gerry Harbison, Andy Byrd, Frank Blum, Ad Bax


Chair: Connie Ace
Speakers: Harry Dorn, Cecil Dybowski, Joel Miller, 1^st Poster Symposium, Imaging Symposium, Michael Tweedle, Ruben Mezrich, William, Rollwitz, Hans Thomann, Guy Montelione


Chair: Andy Evans
Speakers: Peter Mirau, Jim Aguayo, John Waugh, Jeff Hoch, Sture Forsen, Jim Frye, Bob Balaban, Joshua Wand


Chair: Bill Hammond
Speakers: Ed Samulski, Fred Schilling, Jim Prestegard, Michele Broido, Lynn Jelinski, Jim Harwood, Jim Haw


Chair: Mike Shapiro
Speakers: Jim Roberts, Joe Ackerman, Manufacturers’ Night, Graduate Students, Hans Spiess, Al Redfield, Ken Williamson, Bob Santini


Chair: Mary Baum
Speakers: Joyce Jentoft, Niels Andersen, Pierre Laszlo, Eric Johnston, Laurie Hall, Colin Fyfe


Chair: Ruth Inners, Mary Baum
Speakers: Phil Bolton, Warren Warren, Byron Arison, Liz Williams


Chair: Bob Lichter
Speakers: Ruth Stark, George Levy, Mark Henrichs, Ken Packer, Peter Domaille, David Live, Cecil Dybowski, Jerome Odom


Chair: Lynn Jelinski
Speakers: Paul Ellis, Kurt Zilm, John Markley, Jacqueline Barton, Dick Wittebort, Alan English


Chair: Kenneth Rose
Speakers: Herb Retkofsky, Nino Yannoni, Ian Armitage, Seymour Koenig, Felix Wehrli, Dennis Torchia


Chair: Steve Patt
Speakers: Don Hollis, Phil Bolton, Alex Bain, Jake Schaefer, Stan Opella, Ted Becker


Chair: Sandor Barcza
Speakers: Charlie Springer, Joe Noggle, Gary Maciel, Phil Pfeffer, Laurie Hall, Jim Prestegard


Chair: Mike Melchior
Speakers: Ron Lawler, Peter Jurs, Ray Freeman


Chair: Alan Douglas
Speakers: Larry Altman, Adam Allerhand, Jake Stothers


Chair: George Babbitt
Speakers: Tom Krugh, George McDonald, Jim Shoolery, L. A. Wilson


Chair: George Babbitt
Speakers: C. H. Bushweller, George Olah, Lloyd Jackman, Paul Lauterbur, Mohindar S. Puar & T. H. Williams


Chair: Mohindar S. Puar
Speakers: Frank A. Bovey, Paul Ellis & George Gray


Chairs: George E. Babbitt, Alan W. Douglas & Mohindar S. Puar
Speakers: John Paxton, Mohindar S. Puar


Chairs: Mohindar S. Puar & John Stedman


During the 1960s and early 1970s, a group of analytical chemists held monthly meetings at Sadtler Labs in Philadelphia to discuss topical spectroscopic problems, especially NMR. The group moved to New Jersey under NJ-ACS auspices in 1972-73, and introduced formal lectures by invited speakers in 1973.