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About MSDG

The NJ-ACS Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (MSDG) was formed in 1989 to promote and disseminate knowledge of mass spectrometry and related topics.

MSDG is an integral part of the American Chemical Society (ACS) North Jersey Section. Membership includes over 1,100 scientists involved in research and development both at academic, industrial and governmental laboratories.

Visit us on Facebook Although the majority of our members reside in New Jersey, some come from its neighbor states of New York and Pennsylvania. Our interests include advancement of techniques and instrumentation in mass spectrometry, as well as application of mass spectrometry in biological sciences, pharmaceutical development, environmental testing, and beyond.

MSDG sponsors the following activities:

  • Vendor-sponsored seminars that highly focus on mass spectrometric applications in pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical, chemical, environmental sciences.
  • New Jersey Regional Award for Distinguished Achievements in Mass Spectrometry
  • New Jersey Early Career Award in Mass Spectrometry
  • New Jersey Distinguished Service Award in Mass Spectrometry
  • NJ-ACS MSDG Student Travel Award
  • NJ-ACS MSDG Distinguished Lectureship

MSDG also hosts The Annual Vendor Show on Mass Spectrometry that is attended by more than 300 local mass spectrometry users and major manufacturers and service providers related to mass spectrometry field.


2015 MSDG Board Contacts

Allen Jones, PhD

Treasurer / Chair Elect
Jasmine Lu, PhD

Jim X. Shen, PhD

Director of Communications
Kathleen Anderson

Director of Awards
Michael B. Peddicord


Director of Public Relations
Long Yuan, PhD

Director of Event Coordination
Jerry Pappas

Special Coordinator
Carolina Cabral, PhD
617-785-7100 (mobile)

Past Chair – 2015
Jonathan Ho, PhD

Paul Tukey, PhD
908-591-4759 (mobile)

Pictures from the 2014 Fall Vendor Show and Symposium

[SlideDeck2 id=6445 ress=1]

Picture from the June 2014 Meeting

[caption id="attachment_7259" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Mass Spec June 2014 Mtg (June 23rd, 2014) meeting (back row, L to R: Robert Iannucci, Carolina Cabral, both with NJMSDG; front row, L to R: Jerry Pappas, Jonathan Josephs, Tim Stratton, all with Thermo Fisher)[/caption]

Pictures from the December 2012 Meeting

[SlideDeck2 id=1724 ress=1]

Benefactors & Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors for underwriting nearly all the costs of our monthly meetings, seminars, and symposia, and we are always pleased to find new sponsors. Please help! For more info contact: Mingxiang Lin at

Our 2011 Benefactors

The Benefactors have sponsored an MSDG meeting in 2011 IONICS Bruker Daltonics AB Sciex Waters Thermo Scientific, co-sponsor) Agilent sponsors2011-msdg

Our 2010 Benefactors

The Benefactors have sponsored an MSDG meeting in 2010 Bruker Daltonics Agilent Waters Thermo Scientific, co-sponsor) AB Sciex sponsors2010-msdg

Our 2009 Sponsors

These Sponsors have given MSDG unrestricted donations in 2009 Quest Pharmaceutical PTC Therapeutics XenoBiotic Bristol-Myers Squibb Agilent sponsors2009-msdg

Our 2008 Benefactors

The Benefactors have sponsored an MSDG meeting in 2008 Bruker Daltonics Milestone Development Shimadzu Spark Holland TandemLabs SFBCI Thermo Waters Cerno Bioscience sponsors2008-msdg

Our 2008 Sponsors

These Sponsors have given MSDG unrestricted donations in 2008 Quest Pharmaceutical XenoBiotic Dionex Eurofins Medinet sponsors2008b-msdg

Our 2007 Sponsors

These Sponsors gave MSDG unrestricted donations in 2007 XenoBiotic New Objective Dionex Lundbeck Alta LCMS Milestone sponsors2007-msdg