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2019 Fall DMDG Symposium

Speakers & Organizers at the Fall 2019 Symposium: [Bottom, L to R] Marissa Vavrek, Gautam Shenoy, Claudia Gravekamp, Dallas Bednarczyk, Fan Wu, Naiyu Zheng, [Top, L to R] Cody Smith, Carlo Sensenhauser, Imad Hanna, Philip Low, Matthew Hoffman

Welcome to the North Jersey ACS Drug Metabolism Discussion Group. We are dedicated to fostering a continued discussion on the scientific advances in drug metabolism among the industrial and academic community.

We sponsor multiple meetings each year at which world renowned scientists give presentations. The format of these meetings range from dinner presentations and mini-symposiums to our annual 1-2 day fall symposium.

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NJ-DMDG Steering Committee 2019-2020
Name Company E-mail address Responsibility
Imad Hanna Novartis Chair (2019-2020)
Beth Joshi Merck Past Chair (2018-2019)
Manthena Varma Pfizer Past Chair, 2017-18
Matthew Hoffmann Celgene Treasurer
Naiyu Zheng BMS Vendor Liaison (2018-2020)
Anima Ghosal Kean University Vendor Liaison
Bo Wen GSK Past Chair, 2016-17
Lauren Aleksunes Rutgers University Past Chair, 2015-16
Carlo Sensenhauser Janssen R&D Member
Allen Jones Students 2 Science Member
Ron Kong PTC Therapeutics Member
Lei Tang Sanofi Member
Li Yu Roche Member
Maria Markowska Member
Fan Wu Celgene Member
Hong Shen BMS Member