North Jersey Section
American Chemical Society

Topical Groups

The North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society represents a dynamic and diverse group of scientists as reflected in the many topical groups and committees. These groups offer programs throughout the year and I encourage each of you to regularly check the schedule of the groups of interest to you and attend their meetings.

Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group

The New Jersey Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (MSDG) was formed in 1989 to promote and disseminate knowledge of mass spectrometry and related topics. Our interests include advancement of techniques and instrumentation in mass spectrometry, as well as application of mass spectrometry in biological sciences, pharmaceutical development, environmental testing, and beyond.

NMR Topical Group

The mission of the NJACS NMR Topical Group is to bring together scientists who use nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) as a research tool from academia and industry, students of NMR, as well as vendors of NMR-related products. It organizes monthly meetings that consist of a social hour, a buffet dinner, followed by a presentation by an invited speaker.

Organic Topical Group

The NJACS Organic Chemistry Topical Group (OTG) brings together New Jersey’s organic chemists from academia, companies and the pharmaceutical industry — hosting regular meetings and semi-annual symposia.

Drug Metabolism Discussion Group

The North Jersey ACS Drug Metabolism Discussion Group (DMDG) is dedicated to fostering a continued discussion on the scientific advances in drug metabolism among the industrial and academic community.

Chromatography Group

The NJACS Chromatography Group (NJCG) brings together New Jersey’s scientists involved in separation sciences, chromatography and instrumentation.

NJ Regulatory CMC and Quality Topical Group

The mission of The Regulatory CMC is to provide a forum for regulatory and compliance scientists to exchange ideas, share strategies, discuss current topics, increase our knowledge and understanding of CMC regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and cGMPs.

MetroWomen Chemists Committee

The mission of MWCC is to strengthen the contribution of women in the chemical sciences, serving early and mid-career scientists through programming and invite graduate and undergraduate students to participate.

Committee on Minority Affairs

The Minority Affairs group (CMA) seeks to promote the recognition of the professional accomplishments of minorities, attract minority students to the profession, identify minority-friendly educational institutions and businesses, and works for the increased participation of minority chemical professionals in the Society at all levels.

Younger Chemists Committee

The role of the NJACS Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) is to promote the interests of members under the age of 35 (or close to that age). It provides graduate students, post-doctoral chemists, and young professionals with the opportunity to interact with other chemists in the section, to help them better direct their careers, and to increase their involvement in the ACS.

Teacher Affiliates

The Teacher Affiliates Group is a group of high school teachers from North Jersey who are affiliated members of the section. The Group sponsors or co-sponsors several activities throughout the year including the New Jersey Science Convention in October, Chemistry Day and Week activities in October, professional development workshops, and the New Jersey Chemistry Olympics in May.

Student Affiliates

Undergraduates in the North Jersey area who are majoring in Chemistry are welcomed as members by the ACS with reduced membership fees. Among other activities, the Student Affiliate members and their advisors organize an annual Research Conference.

Careers in Transition Committee

Careers in Transition (CIT) – ChemJobs meets on the second Monday of each month to help those in transition and others seeking to enhance their careers. We are also available at most topical group meetings. At the meetings, a job board will be available for your perusal and we are willing to introduce you to key hiring managers that are present. You are welcome to join us in a pre-meeting session which starts an hour before the meeting.