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Vendor Information

Complementing a robust and impressive technical program, a two day exhibition was be held Monday and Tuesday, June 5 and 6.

This important part of the MARM allowed attendees to interact with vendors of reagent and research chemicals, laboratory supplies, glassware, instrumentation and components, laboratory and educational software, textbooks, mono- graphs and other chemical publications. The exposition was held in Great American Hall, in a large, centrally located area in the Conference Center also housed the registration area, break and dining facilities, poster sessions, special social events and the employment clearing house, making the exposition easily accessible to attendees. You can preview the accommodations at the Hershey website.

The organization and layout of the exposition should be attractive to potential exhibitors and facilitate excellent exposure of their products and services to MARM attendees.

Exhibitor Costs:

  • $700/booth/single day or
  • $1200/ booth for the two day exposition.


Current List of Exhibitors

  • Ace Glass
  • ACS Member Insurance Program
  • ACS Publications Division
  • ACS Small Chemical Business Division
  • Applied Biosystems
  • Backups Are Us, Inc.
  • Blackwell Publishing
  • Brinkman
  • Bruker Optics
  • BUCK Scientific
  • CEM
  • Chemglass
  • Chiral Technologies
  • Dionex
  • Eksigent, LLC
  • ESA Biosciences
  • Fisher Scientific
  • GenTech Scientific
  • HORIBA Jobin Yvon
  • Leco
  • Millipore
  • MeasureNet Technology
  • Milestone, Inc.
  • Prochem Scientific
  • Prous Science
  • Shimadzu
  • Smiths Detection
  • Syrris
  • TA Instruments
  • Thermo Electron
  • Tyger Scientific, Inc.
  • Varian, Inc.
  • Vernier Software and Technology
  • Waters


Further information for exhibitors can be obtained from
Peter Christie, Exhibits Chair, or 717-394-6273.



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