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Student Activity Information

There was a wide variety of programming of high interest to students offered at MARM 2006

A summary of career events is listed below. For the most current information on the complete program, including career events, please follow the links below.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Successful ACS Student Affiliate Programs Workshop:
This is a workshop for Student Affiliate Chapters to address problems, develop new programs, share ideas that work in their chapter, and network with other Student Affiliate chapters. Student Affiliate Chapters from MARM will present descriptions of their successful programs. The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion of chapter problems and ideas for new programs.
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Chemical Demonstrations by Undergraduates for Outreach:
Students are invited to present their favorite chemical demonstrations that are appropriate for presentation in an elementary, middle or high school setting. All demonstrations to be presented must be described in the submitted abstract so that they can be evaluated for safety and to prevent repetition. Presenters will be requested to provide handouts detailing preparation for the demonstration, any safety issues and proper waste disposal. The purpose of this symposium is to encourage outreach programs to elementary through high schools. There will be no fume hood or running water available for the demonstrations. The symposium will provide interested students with ideas and descriptions for new demonstrations.
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Career/Graduate School Panel Discussion:
Representatives from a variety of chemically related industries in the Middle Atlantic Region will present a brief description of their institutions, jobs at their institutions and the preparation required for careers with their institutions. Students and faculty from university graduate programs will describe life and research as a chemistry graduate student. This will be followed by an extended time for students to ask questions concerning chemistry careers and graduate programs.
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Undergraduate Research Poster Session:
Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to present the results of their research, see the research being done at other institutions, and interact with both their peers and professional chemists. The best undergraduate posters will be selected for awards.
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Reception for undergraduate students
There will be a social gathering Sunday evening to allow undergraduates from different institutions to interact with one another. All Student Affiliate Chapters in the region are invited to bring a Power-Point presentation with photographs of the chapter’s activities. These presentations will be shown during the reception.
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Additional events that will be of interest to undergraduates include:

  • Plenary Presentations each evening by distinguished chemists – Paul Anderson, Ed Yeung, Sally and Howard Peters.
  • The Technical Program
  • The Exhibition
  • Career Development Activities provided by the ACS Career Services office
  • Graduate School Recruitment; Graduate schools in the region have been invited to set up tables describing their programs.
  • Student Award Symposium, sponsored by the Delaware Valley Chromatography Forum. Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to present research in the field of separation science.
  • Awards for best undergraduate research posters

In addition to the technical program, there were career development events, social events, and a Student Award Symposium sponsored by the Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley.

Contact for Student Chromoatography Award :
  Marshall L. Fishman, PhD.
East. Reg. Res. Ctr., ARS, USDA
600 East Mermaid Lane
Wyndmoor, PA 19038






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