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MARM Honors: The Alfred Burger Award in Medicinal Chemistry

The 2006 ACS Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting is proud to honor the Alfred Burger Award, the most prestigious national award presented in medicinal chemistry. The award was initially established in 1978 with financial support from GlaxoSmithKline. The ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry has presented this award biannually to industrial and academic chemists, who have made outstanding contributions to the discovery of new pharmaceuticals and to the understanding of the interactions or the synthesis of medicinally important compounds.

Invited Symposium Speakers

  • Keynote Speaker:
    Philip Portoghese - 2000 Recipient, University of Minnesota
  • William J. Greenlee - 2004 Recipient, Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals
  • Arthur A. Patchett - 2002 Recipient, Merck & Company (Retired)
  • Ralph Hirschmann - 1994 Recipient, University of Pennsylvania
  • Erik J. Sorensen (Honoring Arthur Patchett), Princeton University
  • David Augeri (Honoring Josef Fried - 1996 Recipient), Lexicon Pharmaceuticals


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