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High School Teacher Program Information

There was a wide variety of programming that will be of high interest to teachers offered at MARM 2006.

A summary of career events is listed below. For the most current information on the complete program, including career events, please follow the links below.

MARM 2006 Programming for High School Teachers

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Symposium for High School Chemistry Teachers:
Innovative Ideas that Work in the High School Classroom. Teachers are invited to present ideas that they have successfully used in their classrooms.

Poster Session for High School Teachers:
Ideas for the High School Chemistry Classroom. Teachers are invited to prepare a poster that presents ideas that they have successfully used in their classrooms.

Workshop for High School Chemistry Teachers:
Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL). This method of teaching actively engages students in learning through working in groups to develop critical thinking skills. Students use new models and experimental data to construct new concepts.

Chemagination is a creative innovation and writing contest for high school science students. Students imagine they are living 25 years in the future and have been invited to write an article for ChemMatters. Students describe a breakthrough or innovation in chemistry that has improved people's lives (as if they were in the year 2030) and design a cover for the magazine. Winning teams of Chemagination contests at local sections are eligible to come to the regional contest. There will be winners in 4 different categories from each participating section. Winning teams at MARM will be eligible to go to the National Competition held in late June.

Kids and Chemistry Workshop:
This is a workshop designed for chemists (industrial, student affiliates, high school teachers) who are interested in going into schools (grades 3-6) to present chemistry programs. The workshop includes tips on working with teachers and students and hands-on activities that support the elementary science curriculum.

High School Educator’s Workshop:
Crime Scene and Chemistry – Making the Two Work Together as an Educational Tool. Greg Foy, York College: The workshop will provide a mock crime scene with different types of evidence for collection and evaluation. Instrumental and wet chemistry techniques will be used to evaluate the evidence. The workshop will be held at York College. Transportation and lunch will be provided. Limited to15 teachers. Separate registration required - $50.




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