North Jersey Section
American Chemical Society


Education & Community Outreach

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NJ-ACS sponsors and conducts a wide range of activities and projects that impact communities and engage with parents, teachers and students to groom the next generation of chemistry professionals.

Teacher Affiliates

The Teacher Affiliates Group is a group of high school teachers from North Jersey who are affiliated members of the section. The Group sponsors or co-sponsors several activities throughout the year including the New Jersey Science Convention in October, Chemistry Day and Week activities in October, professional development workshops, and the New Jersey Chemistry Olympics in May.

Student Affiliates

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Education Committee & Awards

The Education Committee of the Section oversees educational activities and awards. The Committee specifically administers the Edward J. Merrill Award for High School chemistry teachers and cooperates in the dissemination of information and the recommendation of nominees for the E. Emmet Reid Award in Chemistry Teaching at Small Colleges, the Cecil L. Brown Lectureship, the Regional MARM Award for High School Chemistry Teaching, the National ACS James Bryant Conant Award in High School Chemsitry Teaching, the Harvey Russell Award, and the Chemistry Olympiad Awards.

Project SEED

Project SEED is designed to encourage economically disadvantaged high school students to pursue career opportunities in the chemical sciences. During the summer, student work in the laboratory doing hands-on research guided by a scientist-mentor. Project SEED is for the student from an economically disadvantage background with an annual family income not exceeding $34,000. Exceptions can be made for incomes of up to $42,000, depending on family circumstances. Students who have not graduated from high school are eligible for the Summer-I program, and those returning for a second summer of research may participate in the Summer-II program.

National Chemistry Week

The North Jersey Section’s NCW celebration includes hands-on chemistry activities for kids presented by area chemists, college and high school chemistry teachers and students.

Chemistry Olympiad

Each year, the North Jersey Section assists the ACS in its search for the top 20 high school chemistry students in the U.S. From these, the best four are chosen to represent the U.S. in the International Chemistry Olympiad held annually in various cities in the world. The 2009 Olympiad took place in Cambridge, England.