NJCG 2023 Annual Symposium

Double Tree Hotel, Mirabelle Room 200 Atrium Dr, Somerset, NJ, United States

The Role of Chromatography in Upholding Pharmaceutical Quality Presentation/Activities 12:00 PM: Registration, Vendor Show and Posters 12:50 PM: Welcome and Introduction Qian Zhang, NJCG Chair, BMS Isabelle Vu Trieu, Waters Corportation 1:05 PM: Nitrosamine Risk Assessment and Control of Pharmaceutical Products Dr. Jinjian Zheng. Merck 1:40 PM:  Analytical Methodology for the Detection and Quantitation of N-Nitroso-Propanolol Using Liquid Chromatography and Tandem Mass Spectroscopy Dr. Marian Twohig, Waters Corporation 2:10 PM: NJ-ACS Overview Justyna Sikorska, NJ-ACS Chair, 2:20 PM: Adanced Modeling from Highly Accelerated Stability Testing (ASAP) to Determine Drug Product Shelf Life Kenneth C. Waterman, FreeThink Technologies 2:50 PM: Break Vendor Show and Posters Open Bar (Sponsored by Waters Corp.) 3:50 PM: A Novel UHPLC-UV-CAD-HRMS Mutli-Detector Platform to Address Analytical Uncertainty Challenges During Extractables and Leachables Analysis Dr. Chongming Liu SGS Health Science 4:20 PM: Medical Device Extractables/Leachables Study: Analytical Challenges and Case Studies Dr. Yijun Lu, Ethicon, Johnson and Johnson 4:50 PM: Vendor Show and Posters Cocktail Hour (Sponsored by Waters Corp.) ​5:50 PM: Raffle Roger Hsu, NJCG Treasurer, Insmed Closing Remarks Nimisha Thakur, NJCG Secretary, Merck


NMR Annual Symposium

Frick Chemistry Building Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, United States

The Symposium and dinner are FREE of charge to all thanks to our sponsors. Program Session 1 – Frick Chemistry Auditorium (1:00 – 2:40 PM ET) 1:00: Thomas Osborn Popp, 2023 Chair NJACS NMR Topical Group Opening Remarks 1:00 - 1:50: J. Patrick Loria, Yale University “Loops and Allostery in Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Function” 1:50 - 2:40: Robert Tycko, National Institutes of Health “Biomolecular Solid State NMR and MRI Experiments at Very Low Temperatures” Coffee Break (2:40- 3:20 PM ET) Session 2 – Frick Chemistry Auditorium (3:20 – 5:00 PM ET) 3:20 - 4:10: Alexej Jerschow, New York University “Zeeman and Singlet NMR Relaxation Mechanisms Studied by Experiment and Computation” 4:10 - 5:00: Jean Baum, Rutgers University “Mechanistic Insights into Protein Aggregation and Inhibition” Happy Hour! (5:00 – 6:00 PM ET) Evening Keynote Presentation – Frick Chemistry Auditorium (6:00 – 7:15 ET) Keynote Session 6:00 - 7:15: Adriaan Bax, National Institutes of Health “NMR Under Pressure” 7:15: Christine Jorge, 2024 Chair NJACS NMR Topical Group Closing Remarks Dinner and Social – Frick Chemistry Atrium (7:15 – 8:30 ET) We acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors:                              


Fall Symposium 2023: New Innovations in Synthesis and Catalysis

The Palace at Somerset Park 333 Davidson Ave, Somerset, NJ, United States

Biocatalysis, Photocatalysis, Total Synthesis, Radio Labeling, and more! Call for Abstracts. Local graduate students, undergraduate students, and post-docs in organic chemistry are encouraged to submit an abstract to be considered for a poster session, to be held during the symposium's coffee breaks. Registration is free for student/postdoc presenters; free transportation will be arranged if needed. Abstract Guidelines < 300 words. Include Nsame, PI, Institution & Graduate Level. Subject Line: NJACS Poster Abstract Email to: joseph.badillo@shu.edu Abstract Deadline: October 15, 2023 Acceptance: October 22, 2023 Flyers: Call_for_Abstracts.pdf  |  Event_Flyer.pdf Cost: $150 – Professionals $15  – Undergraduates / Graduates / Post-Docs free – Student presenters / retirees Due to limited seating, the deadline for registration and payment is November 13, 2023 To submit an abstract for a student poster click here. Deadline Oct 15.

Free – $150.00

Executive Committee Meeting

Zoom Meeting

Note: I request that all officers, chairs of standing committees (e.g., commmunications, awards), and chairs of topical groups provide updates in our January agenda, specifically on page 2 and onwards. Please feel free to include flyers, links, and any info about upcoming events as well as robust summaries of recent events and activities. If you need the Executive Board to vote on a motion, the information must be provided in advance through this agenda. Note #1: If you cannot edit the file, please send me your changes and I can make the updates on your behalf, Note #2: If you have no report to make, please include "No updates at this time" in your relevant section.  Please update the agenda by MONDAY 08JAN2024 at the latest.  My hope is this will improve the efficiency of our meetings and help disseminate information amongst NJACS leadership. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, and I look forward to seeing you next week. If you did not receive a Zoom invite, then register below and you will receive an email with the Zoom connection. Best, Sandra


Synthesis on Scale Symposium: Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Rutgers University Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, 123 Bevier Road, Piscataway, NJ, 08854 123 Bevier Road, Piscataway, United States

Presented by the Princeton ACS and Rutgers University. A series of talks will be given on January 12, 2024 from 9:30 to 3:45 pm. Speakers include Harshkumar Patel from Bristol-Myers Squibb, Kevin Campos from Merck, Chris Senanayake from TCG GreenChem, and Prof. Kendall Houk from UCLA. They will cover a range of topics from innovations in synthetic chemistry to computational elucidation of reactions. Register for the event here. Registration for undergrad and graduate students is $20, and parking is free! See the attachment and registration page for more information.

NMR Seminar with Rongfeng Zheng

MS Teams

Title: Chalcogenide-Stabilized Metal Nanoclusters: Synthesis, Characterizations, and Applications Abstract: This seminar focuses on the atomically precise gold NPs, or NCs. Au25(SR)18 was selected as a model NC to investigate their magnetic properties, with pentanethiol, hexanethiol and octanethiol used as bonding ligands. Both negatively charged and neutral NCs were synthesized, and 1H/13C NMR were used for detailed structural analysis, as well as surface bonding ligand environment analyses. The anion NC (diamagnetic) and neutral (paramagnetic) NCs are compared and by using the diamagnetic chemical shifts as references, paramagnetic Knight shifts can be calculated. These shifts measure the spin density along the carbon chain of the surface ligand. Temperature dependent NMR was used to study the spin density effect. Density functional theory calculations were used to predict the spin density on Au25(SC8H17)18 and compared with the Knight shifts observed from the experiments. New magnetic properties were observed from the Knight shifts plots. Chalcogenide stabilized NCs, such as with selenolates and tellurolates, have been less investigated, especially their exchange reactions with thiolate. The reaction mechanism, specifically the site preferences and how the mixed ligand layer is distributed on the NCs surface in the exchange reaction, is much less understood. PhSeH and (PhTe)2 were used

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