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May 7, 2019 – MSDG Meeting

NJ-ACS Mass Spec Discussion GroupMSDG May 7 Monthly Meeting – Sponsored by Waters- “Improving Biomarker Assay Workflows using LC-MS Characterization”, and “From Molecular Characterization to Attribute Monitoring in High Performance LCMS”

Apr 17 – Lecture on the Foundation of the Periodic System

IYPTLecture on the origins of the Periodic Table to celebrate its 150th anniversary, run jointly by PACS, NJACS, Princeton Univ, and Rutgers Univ.

May 9, 2019 – Spring Symposium and Vendor Exhibition

NJ-DMDG2019 Spring Drug Metabolism Topical Group Symposium & Vendor Show

Apr 9, 2019 – MSDG Meeting

NJ-ACS Mass Spec Discussion GroupMSDG April 9 Monthly Meeting – Sponsored by Sciex- “Computer Science Advances to Speed Up Biomedical Research”, and “Impurity Profiling using High-Res Mass Spec”

Apr 17, 2019 – NMR Topical Group Meeting

NMR Topical Group Meeting – April 17 – “NMR to identify two Trichomonas vaginalis enzymes”