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No. Jersey Wins Three ChemLuminary Awards for 2008

On August 18, 2009, the North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society was awarded three ChemLuminary Awards during an award banquet at the Fall ACS meeting in Washington, DC. These awards, presented by the President of the ACS, were accepted by Dr. Michael M. Miller, 2008 NJ-ACS Section Chair, on behalf of the Section’s membership.

NJ-ACS Participates in Somerset NJ 4-H Fair

Dodda Leelavathi and Eve Krupka started working with Somerset County 4-H Fair this year in January and we ran a booth at the fair in August. We never knew there would be so many school age children participating and visiting this fair. Our booth was a great success. We think we had more than 500 kids come to our booth during the three days. Those who were helping at other booths brought their siblings and friends to our booth. Visiting children told their friends and their friends came the next day. Parents thought we were one of the clubs and they wanted their children to join our club.

“A Celebration of Organic Synthesis” to mark the 65th Birthday of Prof. Amos B. Smith III

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Amos B. Smith III University of Pennsylvania Venue: Rutgers, Busch Campus Science and Engineering Resource Center 118 Frelinghuysen Rd Piscataway, NJ 08854 Date: Thursday, August 13, 2009 Invited Speakers “Bridged Polycyclic Natural Products: Inspirational Targets for Total Synthesis” Professor John L Wood (Colorado State University) “Total Synthesis of Azinothricin and Kettapeptin and Allied Chemical Genomics Studies on the A83586C Class of Antitumor Antibiotics” Professor Karl Hale (Queen’s University, Belfast) “Complex Molecule Synthesis” (tentative) Professor Jon D. Rainier (University of Utah) “New catalytic Strategies for Chemical Synthesis” Professor Matthew Gaunt (University of Cambridge) “Studies Directed Toward the Synthesis […]